The Inner Battle Against Shame And Regret

No matter how hard you try to hide some things, sometimes the holes in the ground aren’t deep enough to swallow your shame forever. We’ve all been told something like this at some point in our lives and we perceive it as a dead end rather than a call to betterment. It’s easy to think that nothing will ever change and all the things you regret will just remain there, staining your conscience and keeping you awake at night but that’s not true.

The very nature of sins is such that they haunt you much later than you’ve committed them – around the time it’s too late to make amends. At the time when you cheated someone who trusted you and hid the truth from them or caused someone harm and never apologised, you thought you were doing the right thing but with the passage of time and your coming of age, you see the wrong you’ve did and it haunts you.

Maybe at some point, you were wronged and you felt the pain you might have caused another person, causing you to look back on your actions. Over time these feelings can really make you hate yourself and feel like a child who’s been abandoned – it’s even worse when you start to feel like you deserve to feel this way. At such as point you need help, the kind of help that only comes from your own realisations.

By reading stories of how a sinner turned to God for recovery and mercy, you can relate and realise that you too, have hope left. The stories published by Jay Depoy are such that they implore you to better yourself and not abandon hope regardless of the demons that follow you. This is an inner battle that you fight yourself but knowing that there’s hope and redemption is what you need to win.