The Best Teen Movie Soundtracks

There are a lot of teen movies out there with some really memorable tracks that really help us reminisce about all the highs and lows of our own teenage years, lets take a look at some of the best teen movie songs that Hollywood has given us.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High-Moving in Stereo (The Cars)

This movie is known for having one of the most rewound scenes in VHS history to date; Phoebe Cates taking off her bikini top by the pool side caused many hearts to throb in 1982 (and for many years to come). This famous scene was backed by a great musical track with guitar riffs as exciting as the scene itself.

Save The Last Dance-U Know What’s Up (Donnell Jones)

A movie about an amateur ballet dancer being enlightened by beau Derek about the ways of hip-hop swagger, this movie gave birth to the teen dance pics trend of the 2000’s.

Lady Bird-Crash into Me (Dave Matthews)

Crash into Me is this movie’s lead character’s favourite songs, the movie itself is about a high school girl experiencing the hardships of coming to age.

Napoleon Dynamite-Canned Heat (Jamiroquai)

Napoleon Dynamite is a high school movie about geekery at its finest, one of the movie’s highlights is when Napoleon goes out of character and dances to Canned Heat to boost his friend’s presidential campaign.

The Outsiders-Stay Gold (Stevie Wonder)

A 60s greaser themed movie with superb soundtracks, rich sounding ballads and a great cast of characters.

Juno-Anyone Else But You (The Moldy Peaches)

The teen pregnancy anti-romcom features this soundtrack twice, it was recommended to the film-makers by Ellen Page who played the lead role of Juno.

House Party-Ain’t My Type of Hype (Full Force)

You can tell by the name of this movie that it is all about lively dance offs, hip-hop music and funky parties, its vibrant outfits and crazy hairstyles really help the movie in standing out.

Dirty Dancing-Hungry Eyes (Eric Carmen)

Dirty dancing is a well-known teen movie with soundtracks such as Hungry Eyes that really complement the overall appeal of the movie.

The Fault in Our Stars-Boom Clap (Charlie XCX)

The Fault in Our Stars is a fairly recent movie that caused many eyes to tear up. The movie received a lot of praise and went hand in hand with the emotion heavy pop anthem of XCX.

Donnie Darko-Mad World (Gary Jules And Michael Andrews)

An odd yet memorable movie, Donnie Darko had a lot of confusing themes that helped in making the movie so great, and the soundtrack by Gary Jules really added to the overall atmosphere of the movie’s creepy setting.

Breakfast Club-(Don’t You) Forget About Me (Simple Minds)

The Breakfast Club is arguably one of the very first teen movies to grace the screen, a classic with a soundtrack that is as iconic as the movie itself, this soundtrack has received recognition many times throughout the years from various sources.