The Best of Megadeth

One man’s trash is another man’s (or band’s) treasure, the birth of Megadeth is certainly a good example of what this saying means. Megadeth is easily one of the most iconic rock bands out there with multiple platinum certified albums and over 38 million albums sold worldwide, this band was created by Dave Mustaine after he had been unceremoniously fired from Metallica. The talented musician formed Megadeth with the sole intention of destroying Metallica; this revenge fuelled band became a massive hit and fortunately stuck around even after the flames of revenge had died down.

Over its 35 year long career, Megadeth has produced a number of great albums loaded with a themes of corruption, war and the death of the American Dream. Some of the band’s songs have stood out more than the rest, let’s take a look at some of their best works.

Their albums; Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? (1986), So Far, So Good…So What! (1988), Rust in Peace (1990), Countdown to Extinction (1992) and Youthanasia (1994) all have earned platinum certification. The song The Conjuring (Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?) is a notable one that Dave stopped playing once he started becoming more Christian, the entire Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? album had a lot of themes about black magic that had captivated Dave in his teenage.

Five Magics from the album Rust in Peace is another great exhibition of Megadeth’s superb musical prowess. The list of good songs produced by Megadeth is pretty extensive, a really interesting thing about Megadeth’s music is that one can actually see how their real life struggles have an effect on the music that they produce. The band’s work has taken plenty of turns and has explored various areas over the 35 years of the band’s existence, it is safe to say that Megadeth is one of those bands that has left its mark on the metal genre, one might even say that Mustaine managed to accomplish his goal of revenge by surpassing Metallica in many ways.

Megadeth’s music is going to speak to anyone who is into heavy and powerful music with themes that questions the various problems in society.