The 12 best Kings Of Leon tracks

Their new album is out, their tour has been announced, and Kings of Leon are set to dominate the world of music for yet another year. But with that in mind, and this new album being as good as it is, it seemed fitting to take a look back over the years, to make a definitive list of their best songs.

From worst to best, it is no easy task scrolling through the band’s back catalogue to compile such a list. One thing is clear after trawling through all of the albums, and that is that Kings Of Leon top songs, are not, and never will be, a one hit wonder band. Their discography is seven albums strong and every track has its own charm.

So here goes…

12. Waste A Moment

The lead single off of their latest album, and by god, what a way to make an introduction to WALLS. ‘Waste a Moment’, follows on from where 2013’s, Mechanical Bull left off. Following a similar shoegaze ethic to the earlier album, ‘Waste A Moment’, comes in brooding with sentimental lyrics, and huge riffs. A great album opener, and something to get you excited for their tour.