RuPaul’s Shining Moments in The Music Industry

Most young people know RuPaul because of his role in the nine season’s long Drag Race show, which is only one entry on his expansive list of achievements. With two Emmys, eleven studio albums and many other noteworthy achievements, RuPaul Charles is an icon in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at some of the high moments of his career in order to celebrate this iconic drag diva.

Role in Love Shack’s (by B-52) Music Video

In the early years of his career when RuPaul was still making a name for himself, many people recognized the young drag diva for his role in Love Shack’s campy video; an iconic hit made by B-52. In this song’s video, RuPaul can be seen dancing in the background, a lot of people refer to this role as a turning point in his career.

First Smash Hit

In 1993, RuPaul experienced overnight stardom when he released his well-known hit called Supermodel. This song took the second place on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart and was ranked as number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, after this massive success RuPaul began his worldwide tours.

Performance With Sir Elton John

The song Supermodel helped RuPaul become a sensation in the music industry and also opened several paths for him to follow; in the same year of his first major breakthrough, RuPaul was given the chance to perform a Duet with Sir Elton John. The two performed a remixed version of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart which took the number 7 spot on the UK Singles Chart and also became part of the Sir Elton’s Duets Album.

Performing With Diana Ross

In 1995, RuPaul got the chance to appear in Diana Ross’s cover of I Will Survive, this was a personal highlight for RuPaul since he has said many times that Diana Ross was one of his most revered idols.

Appearing in Lady Gaga’s Christmas Special

RuPaul’s list of achievements has a number of more recent entire as well, the most notable being his appearance in Lady Gaga’s 2013 Christmas Special. RuPaul graced the stage during the Song Fashion and strutted about as he sang along with Lady Gaga. This performance was especially refreshing for all of RuPaul’s fans since everyone had become used to seeing him as the host of a show rather than a popstar.

Icons such as RuPaul manage to immortalize themselves through their achievements and in doing so, they manage to play a role in shaping the very foundations of pop culture itself. Even though the coming generations might only think of RuPaul as a drag queen with his own show, his achievements shall live on in the hall of fame.