My Top 50 Muse Songs (Right Now)

Muse is my favorite band of all time, and I think this list is a testament to that. I was originally planning on doing a top 10 or top 20, but I just kept listing more and more tracks until it spilled up to 50. Anyways, my feelings on best Muse songs change drastically over time. For example, at least half of the songs in the top 10 would not have been there only one year ago, and if I decided to make this list again in a year it would look completely different. This is just my opinion, so don’t take it so seriously. Anyways, every song on this list would receive a 10/10 if I rated them, so the fluctuations they experience on my lists not due to errors by the artists, just personal preferences.

Because this list is so insanely long, I’ll keep most descriptions relatively brief. Additionally, I added videos of the songs beneath each entry. Some contain my favorite live performance of the song, some are intriguing music videos, and some are just the audio so you can focus on the production. Most selections were chosen with care, so if you have the time I recommend listening to some that peak your interest.

Honorable Mentions:

Sing For Absolution – Absolution

Mercy – Drones

Exogenesis 1 and 2 – The Resistance

Map of the Problematique – Black Holes And Revelations

Butterflies and Hurricanes – Absolution

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist – Absolution

Cave – Showbiz

City of Delusion – Black Holes And Revelations

50. Ashamed – Hullabaloo