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It can be hard to control your weight when the only thing that gives you any joy is the delicious food you have on your plate. Still everyone wants to have a body that they can show off and be proud of. Now everyone wants to att gå ner i vikt snabbt or in simple terms lose weight fast. For this purpose you need to have a lot of patience and need to invest a lot of time to the process.

Now, it is also a common thing that what works on one person might not be effective on the other person. This is because different body types needs different sorts of attentions to lose weight. Now it can be hard to distinguish between them to find the right one for your body type.

Today it is a lot easier to do then it was a decade ago because then we had to rely on the practice and then wait for the results. Today there is technology that allows you to do you research before you dive into something. You can read reviews and then get the update about how the exercise worked for other people or if the diet really helped anyone. This is a major help that wasn’t available years ago. Where you had to go through extensive exercise for months only to find that the entire spent on it didn’t give you any fruit.

Now you can do your research and know for sure about what will work the best for you. So you don’t have to waste your time on useless things that will not help you in the end. So before you get into heavy exercising or a long diet do you research and be sure of your direction.

The Best Teen Movie Soundtracks

There are a lot of teen movies out there with some really memorable tracks that really help us reminisce about all the highs and lows of our own teenage years, lets take a look at some of the best teen movie songs that Hollywood has given us.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High-Moving in Stereo (The Cars)

This movie is known for having one of the most rewound scenes in VHS history to date; Phoebe Cates taking off her bikini top by the pool side caused many hearts to throb in 1982 (and for many years to come). This famous scene was backed by a great musical track with guitar riffs as exciting as the scene itself.

Save The Last Dance-U Know What’s Up (Donnell Jones)

A movie about an amateur ballet dancer being enlightened by beau Derek about the ways of hip-hop swagger, this movie gave birth to the teen dance pics trend of the 2000’s.

Lady Bird-Crash into Me (Dave Matthews)

Crash into Me is this movie’s lead character’s favourite songs, the movie itself is about a high school girl experiencing the hardships of coming to age.

Napoleon Dynamite-Canned Heat (Jamiroquai)

Napoleon Dynamite is a high school movie about geekery at its finest, one of the movie’s highlights is when Napoleon goes out of character and dances to Canned Heat to boost his friend’s presidential campaign.

The Outsiders-Stay Gold (Stevie Wonder)

A 60s greaser themed movie with superb soundtracks, rich sounding ballads and a great cast of characters.

Juno-Anyone Else But You (The Moldy Peaches)

The teen pregnancy anti-romcom features this soundtrack twice, it was recommended to the film-makers by Ellen Page who played the lead role of Juno.

House Party-Ain’t My Type of Hype (Full Force)

You can tell by the name of this movie that it is all about lively dance offs, hip-hop music and funky parties, its vibrant outfits and crazy hairstyles really help the movie in standing out.

Dirty Dancing-Hungry Eyes (Eric Carmen)

Dirty dancing is a well-known teen movie with soundtracks such as Hungry Eyes that really complement the overall appeal of the movie.

The Fault in Our Stars-Boom Clap (Charlie XCX)

The Fault in Our Stars is a fairly recent movie that caused many eyes to tear up. The movie received a lot of praise and went hand in hand with the emotion heavy pop anthem of XCX.

Donnie Darko-Mad World (Gary Jules And Michael Andrews)

An odd yet memorable movie, Donnie Darko had a lot of confusing themes that helped in making the movie so great, and the soundtrack by Gary Jules really added to the overall atmosphere of the movie’s creepy setting.

Breakfast Club-(Don’t You) Forget About Me (Simple Minds)

The Breakfast Club is arguably one of the very first teen movies to grace the screen, a classic with a soundtrack that is as iconic as the movie itself, this soundtrack has received recognition many times throughout the years from various sources.

The Best of Megadeth

One man’s trash is another man’s (or band’s) treasure, the birth of Megadeth is certainly a good example of what this saying means. Megadeth is easily one of the most iconic rock bands out there with multiple platinum certified albums and over 38 million albums sold worldwide, this band was created by Dave Mustaine after he had been unceremoniously fired from Metallica. The talented musician formed Megadeth with the sole intention of destroying Metallica; this revenge fuelled band became a massive hit and fortunately stuck around even after the flames of revenge had died down.

Over its 35 year long career, Megadeth has produced a number of great albums loaded with a themes of corruption, war and the death of the American Dream. Some of the band’s songs have stood out more than the rest, let’s take a look at some of their best works.

Their albums; Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? (1986), So Far, So Good…So What! (1988), Rust in Peace (1990), Countdown to Extinction (1992) and Youthanasia (1994) all have earned platinum certification. The song The Conjuring (Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?) is a notable one that Dave stopped playing once he started becoming more Christian, the entire Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? album had a lot of themes about black magic that had captivated Dave in his teenage.

Five Magics from the album Rust in Peace is another great exhibition of Megadeth’s superb musical prowess. The list of good songs produced by Megadeth is pretty extensive, a really interesting thing about Megadeth’s music is that one can actually see how their real life struggles have an effect on the music that they produce. The band’s work has taken plenty of turns and has explored various areas over the 35 years of the band’s existence, it is safe to say that Megadeth is one of those bands that has left its mark on the metal genre, one might even say that Mustaine managed to accomplish his goal of revenge by surpassing Metallica in many ways.

Megadeth’s music is going to speak to anyone who is into heavy and powerful music with themes that questions the various problems in society.

RuPaul’s Shining Moments in The Music Industry

Most young people know RuPaul because of his role in the nine season’s long Drag Race show, which is only one entry on his expansive list of achievements. With two Emmys, eleven studio albums and many other noteworthy achievements, RuPaul Charles is an icon in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at some of the high moments of his career in order to celebrate this iconic drag diva.

Role in Love Shack’s (by B-52) Music Video

In the early years of his career when RuPaul was still making a name for himself, many people recognized the young drag diva for his role in Love Shack’s campy video; an iconic hit made by B-52. In this song’s video, RuPaul can be seen dancing in the background, a lot of people refer to this role as a turning point in his career.

First Smash Hit

In 1993, RuPaul experienced overnight stardom when he released his well-known hit called Supermodel. This song took the second place on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart and was ranked as number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, after this massive success RuPaul began his worldwide tours.

Performance With Sir Elton John

The song Supermodel helped RuPaul become a sensation in the music industry and also opened several paths for him to follow; in the same year of his first major breakthrough, RuPaul was given the chance to perform a Duet with Sir Elton John. The two performed a remixed version of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart which took the number 7 spot on the UK Singles Chart and also became part of the Sir Elton’s Duets Album.

Performing With Diana Ross

In 1995, RuPaul got the chance to appear in Diana Ross’s cover of I Will Survive, this was a personal highlight for RuPaul since he has said many times that Diana Ross was one of his most revered idols.

Appearing in Lady Gaga’s Christmas Special

RuPaul’s list of achievements has a number of more recent entire as well, the most notable being his appearance in Lady Gaga’s 2013 Christmas Special. RuPaul graced the stage during the Song Fashion and strutted about as he sang along with Lady Gaga. This performance was especially refreshing for all of RuPaul’s fans since everyone had become used to seeing him as the host of a show rather than a popstar.

Icons such as RuPaul manage to immortalize themselves through their achievements and in doing so, they manage to play a role in shaping the very foundations of pop culture itself. Even though the coming generations might only think of RuPaul as a drag queen with his own show, his achievements shall live on in the hall of fame.